Sarah Coventry SCANDIA Necklace Modernist Minimalist Hammered Silver Plated

  • $22.99

Vintage Sarah Coventry "Scandia" necklace 1978 hammered silver modern minimalist necklace with adjustable chain and the Sarah Coventry hand mirror fob end.

Maker: Sarah Coventry
Material: siler metal alloy
Approximate Size: 18"
Condition: excellent, pre-owned

Your purchase will be shipped in an attractive jewelry gift box.

About Sarah Coventry jewelry:
Started in 1949, Sarah Coventry was a direct sales company and recognized as the oldest company that used home jewelry parties to sell their jewelry. One fun aspect of collecting Sarah Coventry jewelry is being able to locate the name of a particular design and year it was produced. Most popular during the 1950s and 1960s, the company did not design their own jewelry, most of which was produced by popular Rhode Island jewelry design houses; some even being produced by Delizza and Elster, the popular makers of Juliana jewelry. While Sarah Coventry jewelry has not been as popular with collectors of vintage costume jewelry as some of the other designers of the same era, it is a great designer to start a collection and has gained in popularity in recent years.

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