Dress Clips, Fur & Shoe Clips, Buckles

Dress clips became an integral part of any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe in the 1920s Art Deco era during a time when women were inspired by famous movie star fashions. Costume jewelry came to the forefront influenced by women’s clothing style changes from complicated and fussy Edwardian styles to the simpler concepts introduced by Coco Chanel.  Dress clips were extremely versatile and could be worn at the neckline and straps of dresses, on purses, hats, furs and shoes.  Many different looks could be achieved to broaden a woman’s wardrobe by the clever addition of dress clips. There was such a demand for clips that fine jewelers as well as costume jewelry designers offered them in their lines.  The materials and styles changed with clothing fashions up through the 1950s when they lost popularity and were replaced by brooches. 

Finding vintage dress clips in pairs is always like finding buried treasure for the serious collector. However for those seeking their own individual and unique style today, a single vintage dress clip can be added to an “up-do”, worn on the pocket of a pair of jeans or used with a scarf.