Enamel Flower Jewelry

While flowers have been popular in jewelry design since before the turn of the century, the enamel flower pins of the 1960s are probably as popular today as they were when they were originally produced.  These are sometimes also referred to as “flower power” pins,  as symbol of passive resistance and peaceful protest of the Viet Nam war. The brilliant colors and exotic designs were also a sign of the changing times that ushered the psychedelic era and increased social permissiveness.

Today, the whimsical designs and bright colors are fun and so very versatile.  These enamel pins can be worn on hats, scarfs, jean pockets and grouped in any way you can think of.  In addition to wearing them with clothing another popular trend is repurposing them for home décor; framed jewelry picture collages are popular again, pillow displays, not to mention the newer option to carry a flower pin crafted wedding bouquet down the aisle.