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So Summer is full on and it's fashionably "safe" to wear as much white as you want. Wait, what? Yes, wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day was a fashion restriction started in the 1930s by the elite classes, however it trickled down over the years applying to fashion rules for the masses to live by well into the 1960s. 

Thankfully in today's fashion world individuality is celebrated! That being said, white fashion accessories can accentuate our favorite brightest colors; turquoise, coral, navy blue, orange and red. Pairing white with black is still perceived as tres chic! So when creating our Vintage Summer Style Top Picks of course we culled out our fav designer whites in wonderful textures and materials, (but we hope you'll kick the "white season rule" to the curb and wear your vintage whites whenever your outfit choice will benefit!). Next in line we chose timeless nautical looks and patriotic red white and blue combos and finally, we went to the garden and hand picked some of our fab brightly colored 1960s enamel flower pins and earrings. 

And what could be better than getting an extra savings off your pick just by adding it to your cart? Hey, it's Summer - we want things to be easy, right? Happy browsing!

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