Coastal Hanging Kitchen Towel Set Crochet Seashore Sand Dollar Seashell

  • $13.59

Coastal hanging kitchen tea towel set with crochet tops. Coastal seashore theme with sand dollars and seashells. Towels have blue hand-crochet tops with blue buttons for hanging from the stove handle or refrigerator door. Great coastal / beach cottage decor accent for the kitchen, bath or patio area.

🧶Towels measure approximately 16" x 18" including crochet top
🧶 100% cotton.
🧶 Kitchen towels come in different terry thicknesses - these are medium weight and a larger size towel - great for every day use or decor accent.

🧶Crochet top tea towels make great gifts! House-warming, birthday, bridal shower, Christmas - put them in a gift basket with home canned preserves, use as stocking stuffers and unique wrappers for kitchen utensil gift sets.
🧶 They also work great as bath hand towels. Great for children's bathroom because they stay on the towel bar (and not the floor!) 😉
🧶Hang one in the mud room to wipe family pet feet when they come in muddy
🧶 Also a nice gift for folks who are "rv and camper" enthusiasts because the towels can be looped around many handles.

I've been crocheting up these towels for over 20 years and always have some on hand for an unexpected occasion. Everyone crochets them a bit differently, but I like mine to have a bit more crochet material on top so they hang a bit fuller. 😊

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